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"As a Fusion/Rock player, I'm always looking for new sounds for my solos, Ben has a memorable style and was very helpful with his lessons, I strongly recommend the 'How To Practice' series, these lessons include most of the fundamentals for Jazz/Fusion improvised guitar style, step by step from zero to one...if you like Ben’s style, his lessons can be trusted!"

Kenny Tse - Athens, Greece

Enrolled in the How To Practice Bundle and 40 Improvised Lines For Guitar Soloing
"The organization of the material has made it easy for me to let go while playing, and really feel more and more fluency. I find it easier to improvise, but also to hear harmony as it comes by because everything is so foundational that you’ll always run into (and recognize) similar sounds one way or another. I feel so comfortable with utilizing 4ths and wide interval stretches - I don’t know how I didn’t play like this before."

Chris Bedward - New York, NY, USA

Enrolled in How To Practice, Vol. 1: Scales, Modes And What To Do With Them, How To Practice, Vol. 2: Arpeggios, And What To Do With Them, 10 Etudes For Guitar Improvisation, 20 Melodic Etudes For Rhythm Guitar, How To Solo With Triads and How To Solo With The Pentatonic Scale
"With Ben's masterful lessons, I have just begun to unlock the fretboard in an efficient way. Now I am visualizing my phrases with a new understanding of the building blocks or structure of any progression with knowledge of each note's job and or quality. Thanks Ben!"

Richard W. - USA

Enrolled in the How To Practice Bundle, 10 Etudes For Guitar Improvisation, How To Solo With Triads, How To Play Triad Pairs & Hexatonic Scales, How To Solo With The Pentatonic Scale and Improvising With J.S. Bach

"A very interesting approach to arpeggios! It definitely changed my playing positively and opened up new avenues on the fretboard. Highly recommend!"

Chapman Welch - Houston, TX, USA

Enrolled in How To Practice, Vol. 2: Arpeggios, And What To Do With Them
"How To Solo With Triads is an essential building block to learn about the fretboard and tonality basics for the beginner to intermediate player of almost any style. I see lots of applications in jazz, rock, blues, country, surf etc...While much of Ben's content is intermediate to advanced, I especially recommend this one as a primer for anyone with a deeper interest in guitar soloing. In this course, making progress is fairly straight forward. The benefits of triads are easily overlooked but become oh so evident when walking through the modules. Thanks Ben for this one, it's so worth it!"

Matthias Scheffler - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Enrolled in How To Solo With Triads

"The material is interesting and easy to understand, since I am an old musician, theory is very important to me when composing."

Dragan Filić - Croatia

Enrolled in the How To Practice Bundle
"Ben. You have very 'stretchy' fingers. I have that as well; however until I encountered your style/technique of playing, I wasn't using that potential. Now I'm moving more freely all over the fretboard and I'm expanding my ability to connect arpeggios and accurately express musical ideas in the moment. Thanks so much."

Ken Taylor - Toronto, ON, Canada

Enrolled in Improvising With J.S. Bach