20 Melodic Etudes For Rhythm Guitar

20 Melodic Etudes For Rhythm Guitar

One of the most vital core elements of guitar is Rhythm Guitar playing. So often, we prioritize Soloing over Accompaniment, or Lead Guitar over Rhythm Guitar. The truth is that both worlds are directly interrelated, and both rely on a combination of melodic, linear and chordal vocabulary.

In this new online improvisational masterclass, we're going to be focusing on 20 Etudes exploring a contemporary style of rhythm guitar playing that I like to call Melodic Rhythm Guitar.

This modern style draws heavily from a classic Chord-Melody approach, and can be heard throughout Contemporary Jazz, R&B and Soul-influenced music.

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20 Melodic Etudes For Rhythm Guitar:


What will you cover in “20 Melodic Etudes For Rhythm Guitar”?

  • We'll be focusing on 20 Rhythm Guitar Etudes (with play-along backing tracks included), exploring the melodic, linear and chordal vocabulary that is shared between rhythm and lead guitar approaches, resulting in a contemporary style of rhythm guitar playing that I like to call Melodic Rhythm Guitar. You'll primarily hear this style of accompaniment in Contemporary Jazz, R&B and Soul-influenced music, and it draws heavily from a classic Chord-Melody approach often heard in the realm of classic Jazz Guitar. We're going to look at 20 Etudes that demonstrate this approach in great detail, and we'll be exploring this approach to rhythm guitar over a variety of chords, including Minor 7 chords (Ab Minor 7 & Ab Minor 11 chords), Dominant 7 chords (Db13sus4 & Db7#5#9 chords) and Major 7 chords (Gb Major 7). In this online masterclass, you will be able to access 21 lesson videos across a total of 5 sections, featuring in-depth theoretical explanations with all musical examples notated in Standard Notation and TAB. All instructional videos are presented by Ben Eunson, and feature optional English subtitles.

How difficult would you say the material is?

  • This material is best suited for intermediate to advanced guitarists.

How do I access the masterclass?

  • Once you have clicked “Purchase Masterclass”, enter your payment and contact details (including your email address), complete your purchase and you will receive one email. This email contains access details to your purchase and is also a receipt.
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Does this masterclass contain downloadable files (PDFs, MP3s, Video files)?

  • No. This is an 100% online masterclass, and requires an internet connection. All instructional videos, notated examples and backing tracks are contained within the online course, and cannot be downloaded to your hard drive. However, once you have made your purchase, you will have lifetime access to the online material.

Do you offer refunds for masterclass purchases?

  • We would like to ensure your satisfaction with this online masterclass, and if you have any questions or concerns, please be in contact with [email protected]